As a designer, I’ve run into some TOU documents that you basically need a law degree to understand. I’ve also run into font EULAs that basically prohibit using a font for anything where it’s not flattened into a background, or creating anything where an end user can spell out their choice of text, which REALLY doesn’t work for certain fields like digital scrapbooking. I don’t want to do either of those for my designs.

What I’ve chosen to do instead is state that you cannot resell, share, or give away the original layered graphics or font files, or versions of graphics without substantial modification. Don’t put them on a file-sharing site, or give them to your grandmother or sister or bestie; send them here to buy their own copy. My prices are set in the range of a latte or fast-food meal, at approximately 1-1.5% of the monthly disability income that I live on; averaging just one product sale a day brings my total monthly income up to just below federal poverty level for a single person. Prices are low because I’d rather make a consistent volume of $5-10 sales than sell a $100 item once every 6 months, and because I want to support smaller businesses that usually don’t have the budget of a commercial ad agency.

Installed Copies and Backups

A purchase of my fonts or graphics allows for you to install the purchased items on up to five (5) computers or devices, INCLUDING up to two (2) backup copies. If you back up to network storage, please ensure that others do not also install the purchased items on their devices or take copies home for themselves. If you back up to a cloud drive, please ensure that it is not shared with others; as I have said, my prices are set low to keep them affordable for smaller businesses. If you need to install more copies than allowed by your current purchases, please purchase a second license; this will facilitate installation on up to 10 computers/devices.

You are allowed to provide a copy of font files that are used in a print job to the printer, as long as your printing company agrees to delete the copy after completion of the job. This one copy does not count against your 5-copy license, so long as it is temporary.

Large-Volume Sales

I don’t want large businesses using my work to create items they then distribute to craft shops nationwide, or to Amazon, and making $50K in profits off an item they purchased from me for $7; if you are looking to buy for a business that makes over $100K USD annually, please contact me to arrange a fair price which takes into account the reduction in individual sales of that product that will result from your flooding the market.

If you’re a small business and use my fonts or graphics in something that subsequently becomes a blockbuster hit or viral video and you end up making over $10,000 USD off of it, I’d appreciate a 1% royalty; at that point, $100 is small change for you, but it’s a 15% increase to my base monthly income.

Oppressive or Exploitative Content Creation

I’d prefer not to have any of my creations used for works that are pornographic or promote hatred or discriminatory messages; tasteful erotica or nonviolent/non-discriminatory political and religious messages are okay, but please err on the side of good taste. I will consider it a violation of these terms of use if I find my work used in a racist, sexist, ableist, ageist, homophobic, or transphobic product, or in a context which denigrates or exploits any class protected by US laws, a product which attempts to exploit those disadvantaged, or one which promotes non-consensual interactions of a sexual nature (including, but not limited to, rape, incest, and pedophilia), and will sue for damages as well as permanently revoking your right to use any and all of my graphics and fonts, with no refund of your purchase costs. If you cannot be trusted with the responsibility of using one of my products within my terms, I cannot trust you to use any of them.

Acceptable Uses

Please do use my graphics to: create flattened elements for sale as commercial-use scrapbooking graphics and print-on-demand products, as long as you’ve altered them first (at least color, pattern, and probably size); create clusters where my graphics are flattened in with others so they can’t be easily extracted in their original form; create book covers; create printable wall art which you sell; add some charm to a video you make for Youtube or another site; or use patterns to create physical or digital end products for sale.

Please use mockups you’ve purchased from me to: provide a preview of how your design will look on a physical product to customers; show off logo designs, Christmas cards, or photographs; and promote your products on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites.

Please DO use my fonts to: create alphabet products which can be used to spell anything your customers want or layered templates which can be used to create such products; create book covers, company branding, or logos for small businesses; create print-on-demand “word art” for wall art, T-shirts, mugs, etc.; or create text in videos for Youtube and other sites. Use them in brochures, flyers, posters, etc.

Crediting My Work

Credit is greatly appreciated, but not absolutely required. If you choose to credit me, please use the form “<product name> by RHK Studio (”.

Legal Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use should be interpreted under the laws of the state of Arkansas, and jurisdiction of any legal proceedings brought about under these terms shall proceed in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, USA, or at another location chosen by the seller, René Holly Klein d/b/a RHK Studio.

Final Thoughts

These rules aren’t meant to be extremely restrictive, simply to allow me to defend my right to make a profit from my work, and not have my name and work associated with viewpoints which oppress other human beings.