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RHK Chonky Font

$6.00 + taxes

The RHK Chonky font is a friendly all-caps titling font. Its chubby charm works well for comics, kids, and anywhere else you’d like a fun, friendly vibe. It also comes with an outline version that’s perfect for layered lettering.

RHK Chonky currently contains 449 glyphs, supporting most Latin-based languages, plus Russian Cyrillic. There are currently no alternate forms.

Like all of my font creations, this font comes with a 5-copy extended license, allowing you to install on up to 5 computers/devices (including your backup media) and use them to create alpha products and templates, word art, typographic posters, book covers, T-shirts and other physical and digital products. Please note that I do require different terms for companies making over $100,000 USD gross annually to compensate for your products flooding the market, and request a 1% royalty if you create something with my work that suddenly goes viral and sells over $10,000 worth. See for the full terms.

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