As my artistic focus has changed recently from primarily photography and scrapbooking to mockups, type and surface pattern design, my previous website design no longer suited my work. So I did a job for myself instead of for another client.

The old black and green color palette, while good for photography, dated back to my first design, executed in 2013. I did a refresh back in 2015 or so, but kept the same color scheme at that point. However, with the new direction of my art and design projects, it’s time for a new palette. I wasn’t initially sure if I wanted to go with purple or orange as the bold color, but ultimately the purple appeared too aggressively feminine to represent me and my art; I am and always have been more of a tomboy in my personal style. The orange and teal here are still a timeless pairing, and the neutral grayscale of the remaining colors still lends well to displaying surface patterns and mockup photos without color casts; however, the palette as a whole appears much fresher and less dated than the previous black and green.

I needed a new logo, and spent a day sketching up ideas in between working on other projects, then a few days thinking on them before choosing two finalists. Those two were created in Illustrator, and tested with the rest of the site layout; ultimately, though the hand-lettered calligraphy with the brush is a beautiful option, the sans/monoline combination is better with the clean layout I had in mind and takes less space “above the fold” as well.

  • Project Type: Logo/Website Redesign
  • Skills Needed: Hand-Lettering, Typography, Illustrator, Photoshop, Website Development
  • Customer: RHK Studio
  • Year: 2020