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I’ve been more than a little inactive over here since starting up the shop, but it’s definitely time for a personal post. My health issues have been deteriorating somewhat over the last year, and I’ve made the difficult realization that my back is at a point where I should be using a wheelchair. I’ve been having issues with my feet going numb, especially the soles, due to my lower back pinching nerves, which has been causing a lot of falls. While some days don’t even require a cane, the pinched nerves mean my legs fatigue really easily, and I can never bet when I leave the house that my back won’t go out while I’m walking to the bus stop (or, worse, when I’m across town and need to catch 2 buses to get home).

So I’ve started the process for getting a wheelchair bought by my insurance, and I’ve also got a new dog who I’m starting to train as a mobility assistance dog for myself. Tennessee allows owner training, and my new roommate is still recognized as a service dog trainer in a different state, so I’m pretty confident that I can successfully train him to help me. He’s pushing me to walk more when I can, though, as he needs exercise. We’re up to a mile on good days, though my roommate says he doesn’t really settle down till he’s put in a couple of miles. More on Murdock in a separate post; I know not everyone is a dog lover or interested in training service dogs.

I moved in August, as well–just across town, but it’s a much nicer and larger apartment, more of a home than the old one, which was cheap, but was a mostly windowless basement with small rooms. I think this place has about twice the square footage as the old one, and since it’s on ground level, it’s actually got windows–though that means I’ve got to get some UV-blocking film for them so that I can open the blinds once in a while. The entire apartment is also designed to be wheelchair accessible, with a no-step entry, accessible vanity, lever door handles, wide doors, and I’ve had them install a grab bar in my bath so that I can stabilize myself if I get dizzy in the heat, or when my feet are too numb to be able to feet if I’ve got them properly on the floor of the tub or the bathmat.

I’m still designing things for digital scrapbooking, as well, which are available over at the shop. I’m also doing more colored pencil drawing and painting with both acrylics and watercolors, which will eventually make it into the store, and there are about a million photos I need to extract. I’ve also been asked to become a moderator over at Pixel Scrapper, which I’ve accepted. Scrapbookers aren’t the type to get into flame wars, so it’s mostly keeping links current and getting the occasional spammer blocked.