Freebie CU4CU Acrylic Alpha Sheet Maker

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I never seem to have a decent basic acrylic alpha to recolor for pages or kits, so I’ve whipped up a basic one using the free Playfair Display font, which means you can use this as CU4CU if you so choose. It’s based on a 144pt text size, which equates to 2″ letters, and covers at least the common English alphabet and basic punctuation. I’ve included a second layer for you to use as a clipping mask should you wish to make solid or patterned alphas with an acrylic layer on top, plus a colored background so it’s easier to preview. Just click the image below to download. (locally hosted, single 24.5MB PSD with 3 layers)


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  1. bina

    Thank you so very much for this awsome template! Such a clever tool, simply wonderful.

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