While I’ll be keeping this blog for my photography and personal updates, I’ll be posting further scrapbooking stuff on Part of the reason for the move is that my old hosting provider ( had issues with delivering decent page load speeds, decent uptime, and anything resembling customer service. When it gets to the point where a trip to California is starting to sound reasonable, just to ensure that their customer service guy can’t be that rude to anyone again, I really need a new webhost! So…I’ve moved my site–migrated the whole thing over to my new host,

The new site, Holly Wolf Scraps, is also hosted there, and is designed from the ground up to support both a blog and a small personal e-commerce shop. It’s even got SSL encryption installed, so anyone who wishes to purchase something won’t have to worry about their address info being hacked. I’m using Paypal for payments, so I’ll never even see the credit card info, just a notification from Paypal that “yep, order number such-and-such has paid, we’ll be sending you the money shortly”.

So far, there’s not a lot up in the shop: a pack of hand-drawn patterns and a couple of packs of snowflake elements and frames. I’ll be adding more as I get more drawn, but it will take a while to have a wide variety of things available. My current projects are additional elements and papers related to the upcoming October PixelScrapper blog train and some Christmas/winter elements.

I will continue participating in the blog trains, but I’m not sure yet if I’m going to make it all CU, or if I’ll release flattened PU/S4H/S4O versions in the blog train and make the layered/grayscale CU versions available for purchase at half-price for the month. I’m starting to lean toward the second option. I don’t plan on pricing anything higher than about $4.00, so that would mean the CU packs would each be $2 or less for the month of the blog train. They will go off sale after the initial month, but will remain available for purchase at regular rate.

I’m still dealing with all the health issues, but the beauty of digital scrapbooking and an online shop is that it doesn’t require a lot of physical ability or financial overhead. If I make $15 in sales a month, my hosting is paid for. $40 in a month means I can buy myself a small mocha with the month’s profits. Here’s hoping I can treat myself to a mocha around Christmas! 😉

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