PixelScrapper September Blog Train – “Bohemian Breeze”

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It’s almost the first, so that means it’s time once again for PixelScrapper’s blog train to roll out. This month’s theme is “Bohemian Breeze”, with a palette that will be great for scrapping those crisp fall days that are just around the corner if you’re in a northern climate. It’ll take a little longer to get down here to Tennessee–we’ll get a nip in the early-morning air around Thanksgiving if it’s a normal year. As usual, this image of the palette for this month is linked to the blog train thread at PixelScrapper, and I’ll link the thread again at the end of my post.
Blog Train Palette/Preview

I didn’t really love this palette at first, but it’s a decent match to the theme, and the colors begged me to draw my inspiration from ’70s florals and ethnic patterns, paisley leaves and mandalas. The deep, rich textures of corduroy and shimmer of gold and copper tones managed to work their way in, as well. As it seems has become a habit lately, most elements are hand-drawn and painted in ArtRage, though there are a few realistic elements included that I managed to extract from photographs taken while I was up in Wisconsin in July. The curly ribbons are particularly fun; they’re actually recolored from some metal curls my father had lying near his shop–rusting scrap from using an electric snip to cut sheets of steel down to size. I shot them knowing they were unique, but without a clue as to when I’d find a kit to use them in. Little did I dream I’d be using them in the very next blog train!

Despite not absolutely loving the theme or palette, it really grew on me as I drew more and more detailed items. While I wouldn’t want to do a full kit of this every month, you might just see an occasional paisley leaf or Zentangle-looking flower in future kits. There’s something about zoning that far in when drawing them that’s really addictive and relaxing all at the same time. As always, preview images are linked to larger versions of the image, and downloads will be at the bottom of the post.

Here’s a little better look at the papers, without all the elements:

And lastly, I’ve got an alpha for you, though it seems I’ve forgotten the shadows on the preview. I’ll rebuild the preview in an hour or so. This was handpainted in ArtRage with watercolor tools, then made into a sticker set in Photoshop so there’ll be enough separation from all the deep, rich papers most of the ladies have created for this month’s train. I intentionally wanted something that evokes a dreamy, free-spirited mood, and I think I got these lowercase ones right. I’m going to have to redo all the uppercase ones, though, which is why this alpha only contains lowercase letters–there were a total of 4 capitals that I actually liked well enough after leaving them sit in a folder for a week.

Don’t forget, once you’ve grabbed my part, to head over to the main blog train thread at PixelScrapper so you can download all the other ladies’ portions of this gorgeous blog train!

DOWNLOADS at Google Drive

29 Responses

  1. Kappy Walker

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful kit and talent.

  2. Cesc

    Such exquisite elements. I love all the detail you put into them. Thanks so much.

  3. Vicki

    Gorgeous kit! Thank you so much for sharing time, talent and generosity with us all!

  4. crystalnva

    Beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ THANK YOU ๐Ÿ™‚ bunches…

  5. Carrie Barron

    Thanks for sharing! I especially like your alpha.

  6. fl_connie

    OMG! I LOVE this kit! It is stunning – the papers are gorgeous and I love the elements! Great job on recoloring the metal curls, too, lol. When I was a teenager, I used to go with my dad to where he worked part time so I could use the lathe, and I loved all those beautiful little curly metal bits and always thought I should be able to do something with them. Of course, we didn’t have digital scrapbooking way back then, didn’t even have computers, lol!

    Thanks again – so happy you persevered!

  7. Mary

    Gorgeous!! Just gorgeous kit!! Love the colors!! Thank you so very much for sharing your gorgeous kit!!!

  8. bfreeandyoushallsee

    Thanks so much! The alphas you make are such a nice added touch. Great contribution!

  9. Susie

    Your kit is gorgeous, thank you for sharing your work with everyone.

  10. Jemma

    This kit is absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing.

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