Opportunity Knocks

I’ve really been enjoying designing scrapbook kits so far, though I haven’t been doing it for long. It’s a great way for me to eat up the whole “too many hours in the day” thing without blowing the budget. Disability, while it provides a small income if you can’t work, doesn’t do anything about keeping you occupied–and after a few months, that boredom gets really bad!

I was surprised the first month at how many people liked my designs. A few months later, I’m still touched by the lovely comments that people leave regarding my blog train posts. This place might get busier soon, though–I’ve been approached about becoming a designer for a new scrapbooking store, and I’m considering it.

My biggest concern is whether taking on a designer gig will negatively affect my health. For the moment, it’s somewhat stabilized, but if I get overstressed, I will end up dealing with lupus flareups and the accompanying inflammation and pain can put me down for weeks at a time. I know it may affect my income, in that I’ll lose my extra help with medical costs if I make more than a few dollars a month, but it’s only between $65 and $100/month in income where that will put me at a lower income than now. That’s only about 25 sales in a month (based on what I see other sites charging for stuff) to get past that hole, though, so it’s still worth trying in my book–I just have to make things that aren’t cookie-cutter kits so that people want to buy them!

I’ll let you all know once I’ve made a firm decision one way or the other, as well as let you know about the store opening. If I do decide to do it, I’ll need to build a CT.

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