PixelScrapper August Blog Train – “A Bug’s World”

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It’s nearing the first of the month, so that means it’s blog train time again! This month’s palette is another bright and cheerful one, and I’ve seen comments from more than one lady who didn’t like bugs that has changed their mind about scrapbooking with them after seeing all of the cute previews being posted. Here’s the palette and a small preview of what’s in store from the others. As usual, it’s linked to the main thread at PixelScrapper, and I’ll link the thread again at the end of my post.

PixelScrapper Aug2015 Blog Train Header Image

This has been a crazy month, and I almost didn’t get this done in time. I got off to a good start early in the month, coming up with a take on the theme that’s probably unique, and getting started on painting papers and elements. I had most of these papers and about half the word art done when I got the news that my grandmother, who’d been in a nursing home for a couple of years with dementia, had passed away. This, of course, resulted in a week-long trip to the upper Midwest to attend the funeral. Too many restaurant meals, too much stress, more people around than usual, and lots more sun exposure than usual all combined to trigger a vicious cycle of fatigue, inflammation, and pain that I’m still not entirely over…which has meant that I’ve cut the elements list that I had planned down to the essentials. I should be in decent shape long before September 1 comes around; it’s just a matter of eating my usual healthier diet and limiting stress and UV exposure…and time. Chronic illness really teaches you about patience and realigns your priorities, I tell ya! πŸ˜‰

I was going to make this a larger kit, as my inspiration was a book I remember fondly from my childhood. “I, Monty” by Marcus Bach is told from the perspective of a caterpillar as it goes through metamorphosis, and was illustrated beautifully, with lovely blended backgrounds and simply-drawn elements that look to be colored with pencil or watercolor. The caterpillar sees explosions of color while he’s in the chrysalis, and keeps dreaming of a ladder, the meadow, the pavement, and the moment of love, so I attempted to represent those. At one point, his branch is picked and carried by a whistling or humming Shadow Man, and he hatches in a classroom. Some of the elements, as they are watercolor, are somewhat translucent, so you may need to duplicate the layer or add a white background layer behind them to make them look perfect on a dark background. I chose to pair the monarchs, chrysalides, and milkweed with word art focusing on personal metamorphosis and accepting and coping with change.



The sheer amount of word art should give some idea of how large a kit I wanted to do for this! Had I not spent most of three weeks getting limited time to work on this due to travel or needing sleep to get over the flareup, there would be more art journal-style papers in lighter shades, a few more themed elements, and several bits of paint, some string, a button or two, and a couple of bits of ribbon and lace. I focused my energy on getting the essential themed bits done, as I’m sure you can find some paint or lace from another kit in your stash and add a color adjustment layer to make it fit the palette.

[EDIT: I’ve spent the last 6 hours creating more papers and making some basic elements from templates. (And now I understand how some designers can be so prolific, but with kits that are mostly generic elements–just recoloring templates is ridiculously fast!) The non-paint elements in this add-on are all from PixelScrapper templates, so they’re nothing earthshakingly new, but they should give you a reasonably complete art-journal style kit. I’d consider adding some word bits and a mesh of some sort, as well, but it’s 1:30 am.] PSAug2015-ABW_HWolf_Addonprev

DOWNLOADS at Google Drive
Word Art

Don’t forget to go grab the other portions of the train at the PixelScrapper blog train thread.

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  1. Rene' Holly Klein

    Condolences on my grandmother’s passing are not necessary; I view it as a blessing, since she had long since passed the point where she was simply existing, not actually living, just not actively dying yet. I made my peace a couple of years ago with the fact that the grandmother I knew was gone and not coming back, though her body lived on. It was simply a matter of burying her when her body finally gave out. I’m thankful that grandma’s not suffering anymore and that my mother no longer has to put her life completely on hold to be in town and available to get to the nursing home in a couple of hours if something happened with grandma.

  2. Judith Kernoff

    I’d love to take a good look at your work,, but have NO idea of how to download it from Google Drive. If you could provide some instructions, I’d be happy….

    JUdith K

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      When you click the link, it’ll go to Google Drive. Once you’re there, there’s a button near the top middle that looks like an arrow pointing down at a line. Click that to download. Google will automatically try to virus-scan everything before sending it, but it may pop up a page that says the file’s too big to scan. If it does, you’ll need to click the “Download Anyway” button.
      Once you’ve downloaded the folder, you’ll need to unzip it to view the papers and elements. Windows has a built-in ZIP compressor/decompressor, so you should just need to right-click the downloaded .zip file and select extract.
      Happy scrapping! πŸ™‚

  3. chitra david

    Hello Holly! Even with all the loss & stress, you managed quite a lot! Thank you for taking the trouble…This is a lovely kit…and quite personal for you, I think! Thank you.

  4. Peggy S

    Thank you for these! Love your pupae and wordart especially. Happy reunion for your grandmother!

  5. Kim Larson

    Thank you for this wonderful kit. It is very beautiful. I love how you took your loss to show how all living things transform into a new beauty. Hope you health is still improving.

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      Thank you! I actually had the idea BEFORE she passed, even before I got word that she was likely to pass soon. And that was because it wasn’t about the change of losing her; my original idea was about the changes required by my multiple chronic illnesses and how losing my health has allowed me to do things I never could have seen.

      Ending up on disability has given me the time to game with and talk with people around the world, get to know people from many walks of life, read about anything that takes my fancy, take my high school enjoyment of photography and learn how to see light and composition, and delve deeper into scrapbooking. And that…well, 6 months ago I was making my first forays into designing anything. I’ve tried many times to teach myself to paint, and it hasn’t worked–until this spring. And my priorities have been realigned too; there’s something about an illness that could potentially kill you if not managed that makes you realize what’s really important and focus on that instead of the other distractions of life. As much as I hated being sick and not being able to work, it’s actually been the thing that’s allowed all these things to happen, and while I’m grateful for that, I still have days when I struggle with accepting all the lifestyle and mindset changes required to thrive instead of just survive. But the world did not end when I got too ill to work; I just had all my plans for my life turned upside down, and about 10 years on from that point, while my life looks nothing like I’d envisioned, there are also blessings in it that I could never have imagined at that time.

      And getting back to my current “normal” is one of those things that takes time and patience. Like many other things, it will be done when it’s done, and there’s very little I can do to speed the process beyond eating right and avoiding UV and stress. Meds can help some, but they have their own side effects like potential liver or eye disease, or osteoporosis and mood swings…and they’ll only shorten the return to normal by a few days most of the time.

  6. bfreeandyoushallsee

    These are awesome!!! I am so sorry for your loss, the troubles surrounding that situation, and your health complications. I hope you are doing okay. Thank you so much for making these wonderful goodies and sharing them with the world! I know your generosity will come back to you in spades! πŸ˜€ Thanks again!

  7. Lou Anne

    Thank you for the beautiful kit! I am always appreciative of CU pieces. I hope you got to visit some special family members during your trip to the funeral. Take care!

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      I did, several of them…especially my son, my infant niece, and my parents. I got to see my aunt a couple of times as well, and a number of relatives from mom’s side of the family that I haven’t gotten to see in a decade or two.

  8. Angela Jorczak

    Wow….you’ve really outdone yourself with this kit! It’s wonderful! Thank you so very much.

  9. DeLora

    Thank you for everything! I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you’re doing better now.

  10. Bribri62

    Merci beaucoup pour ce superbe blog train et votre partage

  11. sherry

    Thank you so much for all the beautiful creations that you have so generously gifted to us πŸ™‚

  12. Mary

    I am so sorry for your loss!! I lost my grandmother to the same mind and life stealing disease… But they are in a better place and whole again… For that I am thankful!!! I hope your health returns to you soon!! But every fork in the road leads us to something new and eye opening… Your kit is amazing!! I read that book to my son and daughter… Brings back fond memories!!! The word art is amazing!!! The colors are so vibrant!!! Love the little boy with the net!!! The cocoons are truly beautiful!!! The butterflies are lovely!!! Love the cords, paint, frames and hand drawings!! The papers are stunning!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  13. DebB

    Thanks for your most generous blog train contribution. I hope you are feeling better!

  14. Kristin Metzger

    I love this kit! I happened to stumble upon your site on PS and I’m so glad I did. I love the fact that you include word art with every kit, and I really like the layout of your blog. I am getting ready to start my own and this template is exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      The template’s not perfect–I’d love for it to have a way to make my other pages easier to find, for example, especially my photography portfolio–but it’s definitely a little different than most and doesn’t scream free theme. πŸ™‚

      I may be disappointing you next month on word art, though. I still haven’t made any–too busy drawing paisley leaves and painting flowers! Lots of other people have, though, so there shouldn’t be any lack of it. I’ve got lots of hand-drawn elements and around 15 papers for my part, and the plan is to QC and zip them up while I’m hosting the group call for a friend’s RPG tonight.

  15. Susie

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your Grandmother. Your kit is absolutely beautiful, I absolutely LOVE the wordart! Thank you.

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