PixelScrapper July Blog Train – Summer Splash

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It’s coming up on the first, so it’s time to pack up this month’s blog train submission and upload it. This month’s palette is bright and cheerful, perfect for the kids playing in the pool, the backyard sprinkler, or a trip to the waterpark. I chose to go with a waterpark theme for my portion, but I chose to add a red to the palette because any waterpark has a whole bunch of lifeguards working there. The lifeguard items are deliberately not waterpark-specific, so if you have a kid working at the local pool this summer, you can make a page or two about that, as well.

Here’s a sampling of the kits other ladies have made, along with the official palette. (Image is linked to the thread at PixelScrapper where everyone posts links to their blogs or downloads. I’ll link it again at the end of the post as usual.)
PixelScrapper July Blog Train Preview

My element preview isn’t very good–I’d already saved it as JPG and closed the PSD without saving when I realized I totally spaced out adding drop shadows to it! I’m fighting a migraine, though, so I’m not up to redoing it just yet. Perhaps in a couple of days, if my headache is settled… Still, without further ado, this is what I’ve got for you this month:

Elements (16.4MB ZIP)
Journal Cards & Word Art (8.65 MB ZIP)
Papers (66.3 MB ZIP, all 20 papers included)

Don’t forget to head back to the main thread at PixelScrapper to get the rest of the coordinating kits by others! I particularly love the submissions by Erin Crouch, Megan Pawlik, and Daniela Moraes this month, but there are a LOT of fun kits.

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  1. Sarah

    Holly – I love your work & thank you so much for sharing it with us. I am in awe over your sketching ability – I can barely draw a decent stick figure so it’s wonderful to have hand drawn bits to add to my (hybrid) scrapbooks (because anything I might do would be quite, quite bad). Thank you again!

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      My pencil-and-paper skills are pretty lousy, too, but digital art gives me the ability to redo something a dozen times till I get the line that looks right! Ctrl-Z and practice are what’s gotten me the skills I currently have…along with, of all things, photography. I had to learn to “see the light” and how it interacts with an object/scene/contour before I could take good photographs, and that seems to be another chunk of what I was missing in being able to draw/paint successfully.

  2. karen

    this is so awesome! we spend lots of time at water parks and I’ve never seen papers showing the slides — love it!

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      I hadn’t, either–and I figured they make as good a background as anything else! Nothing screams waterpark to me more than the slides in the background.

  3. Angela Jorczak

    Hi Holly! Thank you so much for your stunning kit! It’s truly perfect!
    I hope your headache is better soon.
    Neck strain was the cause for the migraines I suffered with. Easy remedy with a neck adjustment and daily PT.
    My dear friend had a super low vitamin D deficiency that was the suspected cause for her migraines.
    She suffered with them for several, several years. After consulting a Naturopathic Doctor, she’s been migraine free
    for 2 years now after her ND treatment of dietary changes and vitamin supplements.
    A co-worker of mine swears by acupuncture, but I know nothing of it.
    People receive healing daily, through prayer and persistent dedication and diligence to their well being.
    I will pray for you as well. God Bless, and Thank You for your amazing kits!!

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      Yeah, mine are most likely caused by my lupus, as they come on with bad flareups and go away when the flareup does. I’m doing what I can as far as avoiding dietary triggers and UV light and stress, but I still get some of them–you can’t avoid all stress, and having to plan a thousand-mile trip sometime in the next month or so (without being able to plan exact dates as it’s not certain exactly when Grandma will die) is certainly stressful. That’s probably part of what’s behind this current flareup, but all I can do is minimize the things that’ll make it worse and see the doctor for a prednisone script to help knock it down faster.

  4. Erin

    Hi Holly! I Love the kit! It is obvious that you really spent a great deal of time working on it! Thank you for the CU!…and thanks for the mention at the bottom of the post!

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      No problem, Erin–your kit’s gorgeous and one of the ones I’ll probably use heavily with my own stuff. I have pics of my baby niece on her first boat ride, tiny life jacket and all, that need scrapping! 🙂

  5. Cesc

    WHEE! Frolicking in the water is what I love to do. Your artistic talents bring out the exuberance of a water park. Thanks.

  6. paddy

    these are some really interesting elements. you’re such a great illustrator! thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. LeeAnn

    Thank you for your large and realistic contribution to the Blog Train. I am sure that I will be able to use them!

  8. HypnoDebbie

    Thank you so much for your beautiful addition to the blog train. You have done an awesome job. You are very talented and I thank and appreciate all your hard work and sharing.

  9. France

    Hey Holly! Great stuff you have got there, what gorgeous colours to work with too! I’ve missed the challenges at Pixel Scrapper but I don’t have time to spend on that too much at the moment, but I come look! Great work!! Hope you are still having fun. I’ll try to stop by the forum at some point! 🙂 (I’m there, but behind the scenes as an uploader, so I’m not gone!) 🙂

  10. Mary

    Love water parks!!! This is just a cute theme!!!! The bathing suits, floaties, hats, life guard, are all so cute!!! Love all the word art!!! The papers are just beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  11. Shannon

    What an amazing and fun kit! I am loving the water slides. Thank you for your generous contribution!

  12. TonyaKaye

    Wow. Love your kit. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  13. Bonnie Why

    Your drawings are so beautiful! I’ll have to make sure to go to a water park sometime this summer and take pictures so I can use that slide paper! So awesome. Thank you so much!

  14. Susie

    What an awesome kit! You definitely outdid yourself on this one. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work and creativity with us!

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