Handpainted Alpha Freebie! (PU/S4H/S4O)

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I took a short break from painting elements for the July blog train to participate in a designer challenge at PixelScrapper entitled “Make an Alpha Set”. I love the brush alphas that are popular right now, but so many of them are expensive, which sucks for scrappers on a budget. This is a handpainted brush alpha done in ArtRage, and includes not only all 26 upper and lowercase letters, but numerals, punctuation marks, currency symbols, and the diacritical marks for most of the Western European languages. It’s not as pretty as some of the commercial fonts, but it’s my first attempt, too.

I’ve made it in a near-black (the same near-black that appears in most blog train palettes at PixelScrapper), but you can recolor it to any color you’d like. It’s rough, and in some spots you can see the brush texture where the stroke didn’t fully cover, but that’s a big part of its charm as far as I’m concerned. The character sizes are slightly imperfect as well, and while that will likely be rectified when I turn this into a font at some point, you may have to size some letters down just slightly to make it look more even. They’re close, so it won’t be too much.

Since handpainted alphas are a new field for me, I’m going to go over terms of use here: I intend to turn this into a font at some point, and perhaps sell it, so this is personal use/S4O/S4H only. Recoloring for your layout is fine, as is resizing, but don’t claim it as your own and don’t use it for a kit you want to sell.


DOWNLOAD at Google Drive (5.4 MB ZIP)

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