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It’s coming up on the first of June, and that means it’s time to put the wraps on this month’s PixelScrapper blog train and get it ready for you to download!

Above image is linked to the final list thread at PixelScrapper; I’ll link the forum thread again at the end as usual.

England, as a theme, is very broad, but I knew I didn’t want to do the same iconic-Britain kit everyone thinks of when they think England. The castles and queen and royal guards and telephone booths and Union Jacks have been done a million times, so unless I could do something totally unique with them, it wasn’t happening. So I looked, as I did last month, at my life and where the theme fits into it.

I’ve been dating the same Brit for a couple of years now, and we’re talking about making it a permanent thing at some point, though we haven’t made those plans official yet. I’d love to have a kit to scrap that whole process, though, from the official proposal through passport and visa applications, planning, budgeting, airline tickets, transatlantic flights, preparations, dress hunting, the ceremony and reception, interminable photo sessions, registering the marriage, and maybe even honeymoon travel. Well, there was an idea, and June’s a common month for weddings, too, so the timing’s great! Now I just had to put it into a kit that wasn’t totally specific to me and my sweetie, while making it useful to people who just want to scrap their travel photos…

Here’s what I came up with (click images for larger views):

There are several more elements, and the jet has become a vehicle for some travel- and wedding-related phrases, as well, though I only put the plain one on the preview. Some of the 9 phrases included: “Britain Awaits You”, “Finally on the Way!”, “Book Your Flights”, “Trip of a Lifetime”, and “Just Married”. I’m pretty happy with how the figures turned out, but it’s the register office and carriage that really make me go “Wow, I painted that?”

Speaking of the figures, this is a relatively inclusive kit. I’m tired of seeing wedding kits that only have skinny blonde Caucasian brides and tall Caucasian grooms, so there’s a curvier bride and one with dark hair and skin, a part-Asian man in a tailcoat, and another groom in a suit. That also covers having a couple of brides or grooms for gay or lesbian ceremonies; I’ve seen a couple of kits where the pair of brides and pair of grooms, and the associated word art for GLBT weddings, were not only packaged separately, but SOLD separately!! To me, that’s just not right–you shouldn’t have to pay more or have to download a separate ZIP just because you want to scrap a non-traditional wedding. The darn things cost a small fortune no matter who you are! Also, for my pagan friends, there’s a knotted ribbon included, and a word bit that says Handfasting, because I’ve never seen a kit that even gave the most cursory nod to non-Christian ceremonies.

And, because my sweetie and I tend to enjoy a little humo(u)r and a particular modern classic fairy tale, I just HAD to include word art that says “Wuv, twue wuv”. We also enjoy games, and he’s been doing some gameplay videos on his Youtube channel while I’ve been busy designing. They’re mostly for space-type construction games, though he and his best mate Silver have a Project Zomboid series that they’ve been doing for a while. If it’s up your alley, give one a watch.

Word Art

Check the previous posts for a matching double-page template, as well–I took a break one night from painting elements and that’s what I came up with!

There’s a 12″x12″ template on this post from May 31, as well.

And just because I’m on Skype with my parents right now, I’m going to publish this now so I can show my mommy instead of waiting till the 1st! 😉

When you’re done, head back to the PixelScrapper thread to download the other ladies’ kits! There are a lot that I’m looking forward to combining with this for my scrapbook. 🙂

20 Responses

  1. Mary K

    This is such a great theme. You’ve done a great job coordinating paper, elements and WA. Thank you so much!

  2. Elizabeth N Anderrson

    WOW! Someone who thinks like me — I have many GBLT and pagan friends —

    I just discovered you and I really like your work.

    I will be looking at your blog regularly. My only commplaint is white on black is hard for me to read and green is almost impossible.

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      I have many friends who aren’t considered “mainstream”.
      My eyes are very sensitive to too much light, and photographs (my blog’s primary purpose) look stunning against a dark background. I went with primarily white on black to give a simple high-contrast look to my portfolio site. The green was one of the few appropriate color choices with my chosen photography studio name. It’s fairly high-contrast for most people, and 3 shades brighter would be too glaring for them. Short of reworking my entire logo and then the entire site, the colors are pretty much stuck. I may do a rework at some point, but for the moment, there are too many other things coming up.

  3. BlueCat

    Love what you did! Your kit is just beautiful. Love particularly the elements and colors you picked in the large palette. Thank you very much.

  4. Angela Jorczak

    Thank you so much for the amazing kit, and your blog post. I enjoyed reading your comments. You can tell the effort and dedication your put forth into providing such a beautiful quality kit. Thank you, it’s very much appreciated.

  5. Daniela Moraes

    Princess Bride reference: love it! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, and yet another astounding template, you spoil us too much <3 cheers!

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      I couldn’t do a wedding kit without indulging my geeky side just a LITTLE… 🙂
      As far as templates go, they’re kind of a chill-out thing for me, so I build one here and there if I need a mental vacation or am bored. Might as well share them, same as I do most of the elements I paint! Everyone wins. 🙂

  6. HypnoDebbie

    Thank you so much! You’ve done a very nice job!

  7. Sandra

    Love all the wedding art work, just gorgeous! Thank you for all of it!

  8. Violet

    Holly, what a wonderful, unique, and creative kit. I can’t believe you painted all of that – you’re incredible! Super wow! I love that you included all kinds of useful things people might not be able to find elsewhere. This is a versatile kit that would work for both weddings and travel, as well as a host of other possibilities, I’m sure.

    I was surprised to see your comment in the blog train thread that you’ve been getting feedback that your kit didn’t fit with the theme. I think it totally fits with the theme, which was England, and your theme is “English Wedding.” It doesn’t get much more theme-faithful than that, unless every kit was supposed to just contain a map of England and a British flag. And even if you’d decided to make something that didn’t fit the theme, the whole fun of a blog train is the designers get to make whatever they feel inspired to make, and the downloaders end up with a giant folder full of pieces to mix and match. No one offering is expected to do the job of a complete kit, although many in our blog trains do (like this one). (Seems like I got a little riled up when I read about that feedback – it seemed a shame for you to end up feeling put on the defensive and having to justify the usefulness of this awesome kit.)

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      That was my thought too, Violet. It annoyed me a bit that I got those comments…especially when it seems to me that the commenters weren’t looking or using any imagination at all when it came to the elements I chose to include. The blog train and its palette just happened to be perfect for what I wanted for a wedding kit anyway, as my sweetie’s rather fond of the middle blue shade used in the palette, plus white, silver, and navy, and those will likely be the colours we choose for our wedding. So, really, it doesn’t matter much whether anyone else loves it; what’s important is that I do, as I’ve just painted the kit to scrapbook my own wedding. I don’t normally try to do the job of a complete kit, but I knew the England theme was probably not going to have anyone else doing wedding-related or more generic transatlantic travel items. Since I knew I’d need this kit to cover the whole process, from passports to travel to ceremony, I made sure there were elements and at least one paper to suit each of those needs. And I planned on sharing it, because I enjoy designing and the bits I planned are too pretty not to share.

      You’re right that the fun of a blog train is that people get a giant folder of mix-and-match pieces that share a palette. I’m also glad that there’s usually a mix of styles in it, so if I want to do a more art-journal style for one page and a romantic style for another, and pocket-scrap a third, I can do that!

      On the other hand, I’m pretty well stuck on ideas for next month’s, so I may just have to start making papers or templates for it and hope inspiration finally strikes.

  9. Pam K

    I love your take on the theme … the colors you’ve chosen are beautiful! I especially love that your kit is not totally London, England as I have never been there, nor am I likely to get there … however, I have been to (& hope to go to many more) weddings! Thank you! Oh, and thanks for the templates, too — I love them!

  10. Mary

    Love the way your kit turned out!! Very unique and insightful!! The different newly weds are beautiful!! Love the horse drawn carriage!! Love the tickets and passports!! I am taking my daughter to England, Ireland and Scotland next summer… So this is PERFECT addition!!! Love the bells and ribbons!! The heart scalloped lace border is gorgeous!!! Love all the word art!!! The papers are just so gorgeous!!! Love all the templates!!! Love when they are added to a kit!!! The wedding work art and elements go with my 25 year anniversary that is coming up and it matches perfectly!!! So two wonderful uses!! Thank you so very much for sharing!!!

  11. fl_connie

    What a fabulous concept – and kit! This is amazing and I thank you so much!

  12. miss becki

    Wow… great job! Thank you for sharing, and good luck with your future plans! 🙂

  13. michelle

    These are SO beautiful! Thank you

  14. SiskiyouSue

    I’m new here, but I’ll be back! Your work is lovely and unique. Thank you for sharing.