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The image above is linked to the blog train thread at PixelScrapper, where you can find links to everyone else’s portions. I’ll link it in text again at the bottom of the post. As you can tell, there’s some gorgeous stuff in peoples’ previews.

I had an AWFUL time this month–dusty roses and tans just don’t inspire me, and while these colors lend themselves well to the classic romantic Victorian stuff, that’s just not who I am as a person. Where’s the sense in making a bunch of stuff that goes with the color scheme in a style that kills your soul, especially with a theme like renewal? So, like I said, I had an awful time with it, only being able to make some papers up until the 19th of April! Then I realized I could manage to make something centered around what personally renews me and get a decent kit out of it, by using everything but the pink for most of my part. A short list later, I was painting away in ArtRage with a reasonably defined plan, and I managed to get previews posted on PixelScrapper on the 27th. What a difference an idea makes, hmm?

Nature, playgrounds, photography, reading, good food, and coffee were the first things that came to mind once I started thinking about what gets me out of a funk, both physically and mentally. (So does a good massage, but I couldn’t think of a good item to show that.) The elements file ended up a little big due to the tree, but I’m quite happy with that tree and can see using it repeatedly, so I’m sharing it even if it IS a huge PNG file.

Elements (25.1 MB): Google Drive Dropbox
Journal Cards (23.9 MB): Google Drive Dropbox
Embossed Papers (31.8 MB): Google Drive Dropbox
Painted Papers 1 (93.2 MB): Google Drive Dropbox
Painted Papers 2 (102 MB): Google Drive Dropbox

Once you’ve got my parts downloaded, head on back to PixelScrapper to go get the other portions! The ladies have come up with some beautiful stuff this month, even if it DOES have that dusty rose in it. I’m looking forward to downloading it and will probably end up using it to scrap images of my baby niece (almost 5 months old now). It might be useful for a quick card for my grandmother’s birthday, too, not that she’d necessarily even care with her dementia, but she still deserves a card even if I can’t visit.

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  1. Angela Jorczak

    I read what you said about the colors and agree. Renewal colors are so vibrant and these colors are more subdued and while pretty, really do follow a Victorian style. I found I did not download all of the parts which is rare for me. Personally….I am in LOVE with pretty pinks and turquoises and all bright, joyful, happy colors! You did a fantastic job on your kit and I especially love the camera and swing. Thank You sooo much!

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      Personally, I’d have loved to have seen April’s palette go with the Renewal theme and this one be titled Reflections, but that’s not the way they were. I hear you on the bright, happy colors–azure blues, hot pinks, slightly blue-based reds, this cheerful green I use for my website…those are way more attractive to me. If there’s a brighter option in the spectrum, I’m usually using it. This one didn’t have a lot of that, but the white with brown and green worked for a decent kit for me.

      I don’t often download the entire train, although I usually find at least something in most parts that I just HAVE to have. πŸ™‚ I’m not a fan of the computer-generated look that seems to be so popular right now, but those parts often contain some paper that I just love, so I grab their portion anyway.

  2. Jeanette

    Love these, especially the tree and the painted papers! Thanks so much also for making these CU friendly. Does this include CU4CU?

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      I’ve actually never been asked that before, and I’m honored that you think they’re that good.

      While most of the stuff I post is CU4CU, I’m particularly proud of the flowers and DSLR in this blog train. On reflection, I can live with everything EXCEPT THE DSLR being CU4CU. You may use the papers, flowers, leaves, book, cappucino mug, plate, tree, swings, and grass border in a kit you’re going to sell, as long as you attribute them to Holly Wolf Scraps (http://www.renehollyklein.com) in your TOU file and send me a free copy of the finished kit. The DSLR element, however, is something I would like to sell in my own store at some point.

      I’m not looking to make a bunch of money at this point, but cutting the scrapbooking budget a little is always handy–it allows me to buy more Wacom pen nibs and coffee for those late-night painting sessions!

      • Jeanette

        Thanks Rene’
        I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to use these yet, but I do greeting card designs for crafters, not scrapbooking kits. Is that still okay?


        • Rene' Holly Klein

          I’m not as familiar with the greeting card world, so I’m going to have some more questions for you. I’ll email you directly at the address you used for your comments.

  3. Nina Fairhurst

    Thank you Rene’…this is a beautiful kit! I love the tree and the swings, reminds me of when I was little….

  4. Diana

    I love your honest candor and how you took the color scheme and owned it! Thank you for all the goodies!

  5. Dawn

    oh my goodness I just saw that this excellent kit is CU…thank you so very much!!!

  6. Cesc

    Your art work is stunning. I love your interpretation of the theme. So original. Thanks so much.

  7. cantabile21

    Thanks for your beautiful kit!!! Love the swing! =)

  8. Mary

    OOOH So gorgeous!!! Love the colors!! Love the tree with the tire swing!! The book and food are cute!! Love the journal cards!! Fantastic word art!! The papers are stunning!! The embossed are gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  9. crystalnva

    I still swing with my twin girls and its still just as fun as when I was a child .Luv your creation I will be using it alot …. πŸ™‚ THANK YOU bunches πŸ™‚

  10. Pam k

    Beautiful — especially the papers! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Molly

    Wow, what an awesome kit .. and so generous!! I love it all, but am particularly fond of embossed papers .. thank you so much πŸ™‚

  12. Shannon

    What a beautiful kit! Thank you. Love the tree, and the papers are so pretty.

  13. Jemma

    Absolutely love this kit! I don’t usually use too much pink in my designs, so it’s refreshing to see a green / brown / white focus.

  14. France

    You did a great job on that kit Holly! I haven’t been around much in the designing side of PS… loss of inspiration at the moment πŸ™‚

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      I noticed you hadn’t been around and was hoping you were all right. I hope your inspiration will come back with the July theme and palette–it’s all kinds of bright and cute colours and I’m thinking stuff to scrap pics of my niece’s first summer and the wading pool.

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