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I’m releasing my first full kit. This is PERSONAL USE ONLY. A big thank you to the PixelScrapper patron who requested a martial arts kit, as that was a fantastic idea! There are a ton of handwritten words and hand-drawn elements in here, and there are even some quick pages with more generic/empowering quotes about perseverance. Personally, I love the bright colors, though I know some people would complain they’ll overpower the photos. Unfortunately, many photos of martial arts classes/tournaments tend to have a lot of floor and white uniforms, so unless you do the entire page in white, they’re almost guaranteed to be overpowered by ANY color selection. Papers Pack 2 has a bunch of papers that have somewhat less color on them and work well if you really want the photos to stand out.







Please, since this is my first kit, I’d love some constructive criticism. If you notice something isn’t right, let me know and I’ll get it fixed ASAP. If there’s something you feel the kit needs, let me know and I’ll try to make an add-on to match the color palette. (Please don’t go asking for 50 items, lol!! Just the two or three that would really make it work better for you!)

Journal Cards
Word Art
Bright Papers
Lighter Papers
Quick Pages

I’ve also got a little add-on for you that doesn’t quite match the style of the kit, but matches theme and colors, so if you want to turn a couple of pages more art journal-y, they’re perfect for adding some variety. Here’s a sample of one:
There are 5 different silhouettes in this add-on that you can download from Google Drive. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do; I’m sure they’ll get used in a couple of my pages if nothing else! 🙂

Happy Scrapping!

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  1. Daniela Moraes

    OMG Holly, this is your first kit? It’s amazing! As a fan of Japanese culture and martial arts movies I must say you captured the theme really well…I think the only thing missing would be some silhouettes of martial arts fighters maybe? But it is not mandatory at all, this kit looks great!

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      I’ve got some, but they don’t match in style. They took off in an art journal/collage direction. I was actually gonna upload them, too! Thanks for the reminder!
      Grab them at Google Drive. Sorry, no preview yet, but there are 5 silhouettes, all splattered with paint, in the kit colors. I’ll put one of them up in the thread as well for people to look at before DL.

      As far as capturing the spirit and theme, Daniela, I studied Seidokan aikido and Shorin-ryu karate until my health got to the point where I couldn’t continue. I still miss it, and still try to at least do kata a couple of times a week. And I enjoy a good Hong Kong action flick more than most girls, too. So when I saw that request, I just HAD to try to make this kit and do it right! 🙂 Weapons were hand-drawn from memory, patches were photographed, belts were sketched (even with the proper knot for a martial arts obi, if you look closely, because it would just be so wrong any other way), colors were pulled directly from an image of a belt display…because I’d be showing no respect for tradition if I changed the colors just because it would make a less-bright kit. 😉

  2. Val

    Fabulous kit! Love the bright colors and all of the martial arts elements. So fun! Thank you!

  3. Angela Jorczak

    WOWZA!!!!! My little nephew just started martial arts! He is going to LOVE some scrap pages of his little self! Thank you sooo much!

  4. lizanne

    Hi Holly – your kit is just fabulous! My husband boys took karate for a few years (in our church). A few years ago they stopped offering the program, but I have quite a few photos to scrap & your kit looks like it may be the perfect fit….so thank you! <3 You're doing great – keep designing as you can! (as you know I DEFINITELY know where you're coming from 😉 ). Grace & peace….

    • Rene' Holly Klein

      I miss karate and aikido, but I can’t do them now. 🙁 Still, I loved making this kit, and maybe someday (if I’m really lucky and can get everything healed up and the lupus in remission) I’ll be able to use it to scrap my own karate class photos. I’ll have just the kit to do it with, anyway! 🙂

  5. Mary

    WOW your first kit has been knocked out the park!!! You did an amazing job with this kit!! The colors are so bright and pretty!!! All the elements are just wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work!!!

  6. Pam K

    This is amazing … thanks for sharing it. I love the silhouettes, too!

  7. Rene' Holly Klein

    This just-released kit by Connie Prince looks to have the same color palette, so if you’re craving more stuff that coordinates, it might be a nice addition.

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