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Some of the girls at PixelScrapper were grumbling about the lack of good templates for photo-heavy double page spreads, especially ones that don’t stick the photos in a grid. So I grabbed some shapes and set about creating one lush one, and this is what I ended up with after losing a few hours in the zone. (Image is linked to 1400px preview–it’s hard to appreciate at the 320px image width I use for posts.)

Holly Wolf Scraps-Freebie Double Page Template

This is being released freely, PU always okay, S4O/S4H with attribution to Holly Wolf Scraps. Please let me know with a comment if you use it for a CT layout and attribute the layout to me as well as letting people know where to download it.

Download from Google Drive:
PSD (19.8 MB)
Layered TIFF (6.54 MB)

I don’t have separate right and left pages for you, or PNGs of all the layers, or files for scrapbook-specific programs, and don’t have time to make them right now. The May PixelScrapper Blog Train portion needs to get finished first so I can post it on time! 😉 If someone else wants to do those before I get to them, feel free. Just comment with a link to the extra files and I’ll see that they get posted, along with my thanks and credit to whoever does the conversions.

And apparently I’ve been in the zone today. Here’s a second one:
Image is linked to larger one as well, and you can download from Google Drive at the following links:
Layered TIFF

10 Responses

  1. Barbara DeSousa

    Thank you so much for the fantastic templates! 😀

  2. karen robinson

    these are awesome, thanks so much! I SO appreciate templates with lots of photo spots

  3. Barbara DeSousa

    Amazing templates! Thank you so much for your generosity! 😀

  4. Pam K

    I just discovered these templates — I especially love the top one. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Tracey Tilson

    I’ve never scrapped a double page, so I’m excited about using this template. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your freebies with all of us!

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