I’m finally back!

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Shortly after I posted that series in August, I ended up in the ER due to a medical issue, spent a couple of months in pain before having surgery to correct it before it did permanent organ damage or caused sepsis, and then ended up back in the hospital a week later (for 19 days straight!) with pneumonia. I spent most of December just getting back some basic functionality like being able to stand long enough to cook an average meal, then most of January digging out from under the mountain of housework and laundry that had to be let slide almost entirely for months. (If I had any energy this fall after doctors appointments, it went to dishes and clean clothes. There wasn’t any more left, and even what I did get done then required narcotic pain meds. :p )

Photography was one of the last things on my mind most of that time, though I did shoot a couple of things while I was in the hospital, like the 4 bags of heavy-duty antibiotics they were rotating into me for several days, and a somewhat blurry shot of a menu that said “Marinated Beef Tips” next to a bowl of what looked much closer to shredded beef in greasy gravy. That one got sent to my parents anyway with the tagline “Item Significantly Not as Described”. It’s no wonder I didn’t have much for appetite in there. The blurry bit–well, let’s just say I was still very weak from the pneumonia and alternating between in pain and in a narcotic blur from the hydrocodone pills and morphine shots, and trying to take photos with a phone isn’t the world’s most ergonomic thing in the first place. :p I still got a few taken anyway.

Speaking of not much for appetite, my pants don’t fit. I had so much nausea from the pain and pain meds over a 3-month period that I dropped 40 lbs. So far, it’s been staying off. Not necessarily the most healthy way to lose it, but I’m trying to just eat sensibly to keep it off. Lots of vegetables and relatively lean meats.

I’ve still got a bunch of medical bills to pay off from all the doctor appointments and surgery and hospital stays, and that’s going to take most of 2015, I think…but I’m alive to pay them off. I wasn’t sure that was going to be the case in the week before Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I’m back to being able to keep up the house and still have a little energy to get the exercise I need to get my endurance back up. I had an appointment with the chiropractor a ways down the street today, and it was beautifully sunny and about 60 degrees F (16-ish for you folks that use the Celsius scale). Great excuse for a photowalk, so I grabbed the camera and gave myself plenty of time to get there, taking shots of whatever I found interesting. Mostly architectural detail, since it was all in town, but since home is in a historic district, there’s plenty of it around. I also grabbed a couple of shots of foliage and even some little yellow flowers that were blooming against an ivy-covered fence next to the road.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that somewhere in the last few months, my memory card reader has stopped working, so I’ll need to replace it or offload photos from my camera via the cable if I want to upload any photos from today. (I do like that one with the yellow flowers quite a bit, and there’s probably an architectural detail or two that would make a nice post as well.)

I’ve also had time this evening to do some test shots with the used macro lens I picked up months ago, and it looks like it’s going to be a beauty. Nothing super-fancy, of course–it’s a used Quantaray 28-90mm f/3.5-5.6, but the reviews on it actually call it sharper than the Canon equivalent, and the couple of initial test shots I’ve done look like I got a great deal. It came attached to a Canon Rebel Ti, which is a 35mm film body that can use the exact same lenses as my DSLR. I’d been looking to consolidate to using only the EF and EF-S lenses on both film and digital for a couple of years, but hadn’t found a film body within my budget until I spotted this deal. I should call it a steal, though–I paid $40 for the pair, and what testing I’ve done looks like they’re both performing like new. There are 4 small scuffs on the grip of the film body, which is silver in contrast to my black digital body–otherwise it and the lens are cosmetically perfect, too! The only negative is that it didn’t come with any caps–no front lens cap, though the UV haze filter has protected the front element well; no body cap or rear lens cover, either. So I’ve put in a small order to rectify that situation. I also need to pick up new CR2 batteries for the film body to power its light metering and autofocus mechanisms–the ones that came installed in it were on their last few milliamps, and gave them up in service to the cause of testing.

So…I’m finally almost healthy again, and in a great mood because I know just how lucky I am, both to be alive to write this and to have managed to add to the photo gear I have available without breaking the bank. Expect to be seeing more posts within the next few weeks!

It’s good to be back. It’s been a long few months. 🙂

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    Thank you so much for your part of the blogtrain! It’s beautiful!

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